Austin by Bike: Scenic Bike Paths for the Active Austinite

Austin, Texas, is a cyclist’s dream with its scenic bike paths and trails catering to riders of all levels. Whether you’re commuting or looking for a weekend adventure, here are some of the best scenic bike paths to explore.

  1. Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail: A stunning 10-mile loop with downtown views, it’s perfect for a leisurely ride or a vigorous workout.
  2. Lance Armstrong Bikeway: This 4.6-mile route offers a safe and enjoyable way to cross the city while taking in Austin’s urban environment.
  3. The Veloway at Circle C Ranch: Designed exclusively for bicycles and rollerblading, this 3.1-mile paved track is a haven for cyclists.
  4. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park: Offering over 15 miles of trails, it’s a hotspot for mountain bikers with paths ranging from easy to challenging.
  5. Southern Walnut Creek Trail: Paved and serene, this trail winds through the east side of Austin, making for a peaceful and extensive ride.
  6. Barton Creek Greenbelt: A mix of off-road trails awaits mountain bikers looking for a challenge amidst the city’s natural beauty.
  7. Butler Trail around Lady Bird Lake: Popular among locals, this trail provides picturesque skyline views and a smooth path ideal for family rides.
  8. Shoal Creek Greenbelt: Ideal for commuting or recreational rides, it connects to various parks and more extensive trails.
  9. Brushy Creek Regional Trail: Venture a little further north for this expansive trail that offers a diverse, scenic experience outside the urban core.
  10. Onion Creek Greenbelt: Offering both paved and natural surfaces, it’s excellent for those looking for a tranquil ride close to nature.

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Austin’s bike paths not only offer a great workout but also provide a unique perspective of the city’s diverse landscapes. They are a testament to the city’s commitment to a greener, more active lifestyle.

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