Discover Tarrytown – Austin’s Best-Kept Secret

Looking for a dreamy place to live in Austin? Look no further. Welcome to Tarrytown. This neighborhood has it all. Close to downtown Austin, it gives you the best of both worlds. You get peace and quiet. At the same time, city life is just around the corner. So, let’s dive into the details and if you’re interested in Tarrytown real estate, scroll down and find some beautiful homes that are currently available.

What Makes Tarrytown Special?

First off, location is key. Tarrytown is near downtown Austin. This means you’re close to offices, shopping, and fun. Yet, you’re far enough to escape the noise. Secondly, nature is a big deal here. Places like Lake Austin and Reed Park are nearby. These spots offer activities for everyone. Families love Tarrytown for this reason. Top-notch schools like Casis Elementary and O. Henry Middle School are also close.

Who Lives Here?

So, who can you expect as your neighbor? Well, Tarrytown has a mixed crowd. Professionals, artists, and families all call it home. This makes the area diverse and lively. What’s more, you’ll find homes that range from vintage to modern. Thus, there’s something for everyone in terms of real estate.

What’s The Food Like?

Foodies, listen up. Tarrytown has places that serve mouth-watering dishes. For instance, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is a cozy spot to grab a coffee. If you’re into diverse flavors, try Hula Hut. It offers an interesting mix of tastes. Plus, Tarrytown Center is nearby. This place is a haven for shoppers. Here, you’ll find boutiques and unique stores. So, whether it’s dining or shopping, Tarrytown has you covered.

Activities and More

Now, let’s talk fun. Are you into sports? Good news. The Lions Municipal Golf Course is in the area. More of a relaxed person? No worries. Reed Park offers a calm setting for a nice walk. Overall, the neighborhood is full of things to see and do.

Time to Make a Move?

In short, Tarrytown offers a great lifestyle. It has something for everyone. If this sounds good, don’t wait. Check out available homes in Tarrytown now.